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Droëwors 500g

$ 30.00

(droo-uh-vors) - (Dried sausage) is a popular South African snack food. It is usually made from “dun wors” rather than “dik wors”, as the thinner sausage dries more quickly and is thus less likely to go bad before it can be preserved. If “dik wors” is to be used, it is usually flattened to provide a larger surface area for drying.

The recipe used for these dried sausages is similar to those used for (boo-ruh-vors) comes from the Afrikaans words boere (farmers) and wors (sausage), it is wholesome, delicious and reasonably inexpensive ... boerewors, however for the meat component pork and (speck) - is pork fat usually cut in slabs from the belly of a baconer. It can also refer to fat from cured or smoked pork and is particularly popular in Germany and other European countries where it is used as the basic fat for browning and adding flavour.. spek are usually omitted as they go rancid when dried. This recipe makes the sausage less desirable for cooking (as it tends to be less succulent), but ideal for drying. To improve the flavour, droëwors may be smoked after a day of hanging, then returned to continue the drying process. Droëwors and smoked droëwors can be frozen for up to two months in an airtight container.

Droëwors is unusual among dried meats in being dried quickly in warm, dry conditions, unlike traditional Italian cured salumi, which are dried slowly in relatively cold and humid conditions.

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